Taxonomy of practice


I’ve been working on a kind of taxonomy of my art practices in this research.

They fall into two categories: data gathering (which moves straight to being a presentation of that data as findings, by presenting the empty workspace or classroom as itself the subject of a photograph), and data analysis.

In this second category, many of the aims of practices overlap. I’ve identified the following:

  1. Experiments with particular media, such as blackboard, the form of a paper, etc. in order to explore their affordances and limitations. This is about showing that a medium is non-transparent and trying to make visible the ways in which it might form and shape what is done with it
  2. Modelling diagrams, or, reconstructing things that I have seen. This can overlap with 1, and might not be something I’m doing so much of this year – when my work was all about diagramming it seemed more relevant. These slightly absurd models were about showing that a knot diagram does not simply represent a floppy, string knot, cannot be straightforwardly interpreted as such, and must be understood with reference to rules and context.
  3. Modelling or representing exchange or relationships. This could be representing some aspect of conversation that I have observed, in order to think through relationships more fully and away from social cues.

I’ve also been making animations that move between ‘fields’ in the frame but maintain an illusion of continuity – this is more of a research output, a meditation on academic exchange and the body of knowledge. I guess this is really practice-as-research.


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