Multi-field animation

I spent yesterday making a couple of animations, just for the sake of playing with a technique. I liked the idea of moving around in this multi-field image constituted by a selection of blackboards (I have too many blackboards). I kinda despise making things that are nonsensical and just look mathematical, but that was what I ended up doing in the first one; what I liked though was that I ended up entering into a conversation with myself as I did it, seeing each stage of the debate as another person chipping in with their own work on a particular problem, even assigning them personalities. The ending is a little sad.

The second was really just experimenting with perspective and forms, again adopting something of an empty systematic aesthetic. The arrangement of boards really looks more like this:

2017-01-28 11.23.05.jpg

so getting that even square in frame was no joke. I liked including all of my mis-steps and mistakes. This part’s all about process, after all.


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