Heegaard Floer homology and the knot concordance group – Jennifer Hom

I’m getting deep into annotating a particular talk. This one:

People talk a lot about how to make things more visible. This is obviously a teaching thing. How to control for it? No collaboration… Notes?

I could compare it with other conferences…

I’ve been noting the genre of each bit of speech:

  1. definition
  2. direction of attention
  3. prediction or spelling out of consequences
  4. instruction for next maneuvre
  5. establishment and drawing conclusions
  6. setting-up
  7. overview
  8. historical reference
  9. registering / referring to a question
  10. explaining / defining / setting up a diagram
  11. talking along with writing

and of writing/drawing

  1. example-making (providing meat)
  2. definition
  3. scene-setting
  4. naming
  5. annotation
  6. titling

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