Nonsense maths

I started looking at images of notes on the board and splitting those up into frames and registers – what’s setting initial conditions, description, notation, diagram etc. That made me want to invent some mathematics to look at how I moved from one to another. I stuck with the idea of frames, and made a sketch that seemed to evoke the idea of framehood to work from. Like the sketched lines that evoke a projection plane I made each of these with two vertical and two slanted lines, and their intersections were what I became interested in.


The improvised sketches became something that I work on empirically, that have properties and characteristics by virtue of the parts that come out slightly more complex than the others. Why do these pieces require more attention, and how can I make them simpler, or make them give me something more? By classifying certain intersections I make it possible to talk about those, and make everything else disappear. I re-present, and re-present again, and each time I’m organising but denying my own choices. I behave as though what’s on the page in front of me is given, because it was derived from something that I didn’t feel like I was choosing.


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