So in the notes I’ve taken we have

80 instances of ‘you’

74 instances of I/me/my

32 instances of we/our

10 instances of let’s

44 instances of gonna

6 instances of wanna

The notes are by no means complete, so I’m just doing this out of interest, really.

“You” has different possible senses to it. It can be informal, breaking out of the mathematics, as in “If this is your first time seeing that then I’m probably going too fast… I dont know who you are.”Other uses of ‘you’ seem more general, as in: “these guys become single ideal vertices, and what you’re gonna see your link complement your polyhedra you’re gonna have two polyhedra with lots of shaded triangles. you’re gonna end up with a 4-valent graph um checkerboard coloured with these shaded faces coming from your crossing circles and with uh these whi- I would call them white faces coming from the projection plane. OK?”

This last ‘I’ is used to name something. “so a polyhedron let me just say – what do I mean by this. I mean a ball.” These namings drift between formal, mathematical namings and things that seem to be ‘just’ for the purposes of the talk – but perhaps that isn’t so much of a difference. “I guess the first thing we’re gonna do I need to be able to talk about truncated vertices.” It’s all about what can be talked about, and how.

So basically what I’ve been doing is a discourse analysis looking at register similar to this paper but obviously using/generating my own categories, and then also a content analysis thinking about the occurrences of certain framings. There are certainly more rigorous ways to do this, so I can think about doing that if it seems worthwhile.





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