Sussex PDEs 16/09/14 – Jonathan Bennet

Setting and Scene

Lecture theatre, talk during conference of specialism


Speakers, academics, students


Presentation of new work for critique, publication, information of other participants and discussion

Act Sequence

Talk with scattered questions, followed by formal Q&A at the end


Very formal


Proofs are presented as a small narrative, a reconstruction or re-telling of a sort of journey, a present-tense story of a process of understanding always told using the more general ‘we’ rather than ‘I’

We conclude that t->F(u(T,.)) is increasing (temporal)
This immediately implies
…take two solutions and ram them together in a pointwise way…

The latter again seems to have a spatial/physical aspect to it, as well as suggesting a quite amusingly violent process.

Individual solutions have more structure than sub-solutions.
Families of solutions have less structure than families of supersolutions.
There is much reference made to super- and sub-solutions, presumably used to show their position in some sort of hierarchy, or level of locality.

No interruptions except short questions for clarification until Q&A, when participants raise hands to ask longer questions




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