Surface & Knowledge


This was a presentation of work from two related MRes projects, mine and Jesse Benjamin’s, at ONCA gallery in Brighton.


Link Components – 2’32”

(Diagrams from “Geometric Techniques in Knot Theory” by Jessica S. Purcell)

Oriented Knot / Inverse – 0’40”

Isomorphism – 0’41”

(Diagrams from “Heegaard Floer Homology and the Knot Concordance Group” by Jennifer Hom)


A person’s positioning relative to the things they’re writing is also relevant. Here are a few statistics about how writing and not-writing co-occur with other aspects:

Screenshot 2016-06-10 11.09.26.png

The sample size is too small for these statistics to be usable, but they’re a good indicator of where might be a place to look.